The Garden

There’s no doubt that we have a lovely cottage, but it’s the beautiful garden that makes the cottage really special. The previous family who owned the cottage were very keen gardeners and had a fantastic garden, but the cottage was empty for a couple of years before we moved in and although there was a gardener who did a great job of keeping things relatively under control, the garden definitely needed some attention when we moved in.

We’re making the garden into our garden now and we’ve built (or maybe rebuilt) a vegetable plot at the eastern end of the garden and are putting in a knot garden in the middle.

I’ll put some updates as to progress on changes and pictures on how things are looking throughout the year; so keep checking to see what’s changed!

Woo! Daffodils are out

As my family know, daffodils coming out is one of my favourite times of the year and today we have s…

Crocuses in the garden
Crocuses are out!

Spring is clearly on the way as the crocuses are out in force!

Vegetable plot getting ready for planting

We’re working on the vegetable plot and have grand plans for the year. We’ve built raise…